American Record Guide Rose Petals Review (page 187):

Violists: this is an album that must be on your radar. You’re going to enjoy the shadowy elegance of Jean Coulthard’s Sonata Rhapsody, the virtuosity of Jacques Hetu’s Variations por Alto Seul (it will remind you of Ysaye’s solo violin sonatas), and the motion and frenzy of Ana Sokolovic’s ‘Toccatte’. There is weight and thickness in Howard Bashaw’s ‘Modular 1’ that is immensely satisfying. Margaret Carey lends her artistry here both on viola and with her voice (in ‘The Rose’ by Sean Clarke), and this album proves her to be the type of multifaceted musician who can tackle any challenge with aplomb and grace. Roger Admiral’s piano performances are precise and emphatic and nuanced—the perfect counterweight to Carey’s delightful interpretations.